Building a vibrant ecosystem that rewards you 80,000% for holding!

Favored by Snowmen (and Snowwomen) everywhere. We’re turning TIME into a Winter Wonderland!
SNOWMAN is native to Avalanche Network


Buy SNOWMAN on an Avalanche DEX like TraderJoe. SWAP AVAX for SNOWMAN and set the slippage at 20%


TIME pays over 80,000% APY and the longer you hold SNOWMAN, the more TIME you receive.


Snowman DAO turned Wonderland Money into a Winter Wonderland. Now sit back and watch your TIME rewards roll in.



SNOWMAN has a built in rewards contract that rewards you for being early! SNOWMAN also functions as the governance token for Snowman DAO so the community can vote on protocol level changes.

Initial Supply 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)
Token Distribution 90% Liquidity 10% Marketing and Development
Launch Date Snowman did a stealth launch and went live immediately. Move quickly and grab your Snowman before telling friends!
13% tax on buys and sells of SNOWMAN break down:
7% for TIME rewards to existing holders
4% for DAO treasury for marketing and development
2% for exchange liquidity

Total Tax 13% for Buys & Sells — Set Slippage at 20%

Snowman DAO Leaders ⛄️

Nathan Misner

Nathan is a security expert with many years in the blockchain industry. He is passionate about cybersecurity, decentralization, and was formerly a sponsored BMX rider.

Reggie Escobar

Reggie is a highly skilled engineer, problem solver and technologist with strong passion for building and automating businesses using technology. He has worked with many different Web3 protocols and payments products.

More to follow

Additional members from the crypto industry, working in Web3 development as well as marketing

Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension or mobile app. Setup your account & make sure you’re connected to the Avalanche Network.


Use Binance or Coinbase to purchase AVAX and send it over to your MetaMask Wallet Address. If you already have AVAX, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet


Go to Trader Joe Exchange and swap your AVAX for SNOWMAN. Set your slippage at 20% to ensure the transaction doesn’t fail.


It’s never too late to be early!

Now is a great time to join Snowman DAO! Grab your SNOWMAN and then tell your friends about it!